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Geoffrey English and Dallas

About Woodland Kennel

For some, upland and waterfowl season are dates circled in red on the calendar. For me, it is a passion I get to live all year long.  I have been blessed with the passion to work harder than most and the ability to bring out the best in each and every dog I work, no matter their pedigree.  The endless hours we put into the dogs each and every day is just as rewarding as the time we spend actually hunting.

Over 18 years ago my passion for hunting dogs lead me to a life long commitment to learning everything there is to know about training hunting dogs.  Unfortunately, at that time the Internet was still in its infancy and the availability of information was NOT a few clicks away, like it is today.  So my wife and I decided to start an online magazine and eCommerce site dedicated to helping folks get the information and products they need to advance their dogs in and out of the field.  What I didn’t know at the time is how successful was going to become and different my life would become. 

Now my days are spent in the field sharing my love of dogs with clients from all over the country and/or competing in AKC / UKC Hunting Tests and Field Trials.  Nothing fuels my passion for this sport more than the relationships I build with clients and their dogs.  I understand that client have entrusted me with their four legged family members and I don’t take that lightly, not even for a second.  I promise to make every effort to get clients actively involved in the  training process which include group and one on one lessons.

I co-own and operate Woodland Kennel with my wife, Dana.  Together we bring more than 35 years of dog training and breeding experience to clients.  One of our favorite quotes is by Immanuel Kant, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of  animals.”  We will always do right by the dog no matter what!  I thank you for your interest in our family business and all the dogs we have touched.  

— Geoffrey

To learn more about our dog training program at Woodland Kennel, please visit the Contact Us page.  Please be advised that available openings are very limited, so plan your training well in advance.