Spaniel Training in Connecticut

Spaniel TrainingWhen it comes to upland flushing dogs few breeds can compare to the English Springer Spaniel or English Cocker Spaniels.  Both the English Springer Spaniel and English Cocker Spaniel posses exceptional game finding ability and are natural retrievers both on land and in water.

Our Spaniel training program matches the requirement of the AKC for Hunting Tests and consists of preparing your dog for upland and waterfowl hunting. While the actual tests themselves are not a requirement to have a great hunting dog, we do feel the AKC Hunt Test program accurately measure performance standards you should expect from a professional hunting dog trainer.  We offer  Basic Spaniel Training and Advanced Spaniel Training programs for your Spaniel. 

1. Basic Spaniel Training

All dogs that go through our hunting dog training program must complete obedience training, this is the foundation work that all our advanced level training is built upon.  Dogs that complete the Basic Spaniel Training program are ready to gun over and run AKC Senior Hunter (SH) Tests.

Yard Work

  • Formal Obedience
  • E-Collar Conditioning
  • Trained Retrieve (aka – Force Fetch)
  • Sit to Whistle
  • Force to Pile
  • Stop to Pile
  • Right, Left and Back from Remote Sit
  • 3 Handed Casting
  • Single T
  • Introduction to Quartering
Field Work

  • Introduction to Retrieving
  • Introduction to Birds
  • Introduction to Gunfire
  • Introduction to Cover
  • Introduction to Water
  • Introduction to Decoys
  • Single Marks on Water
  • Find / Flush / Chase and Retrieve Birds


2. Advanced Spaniel Training

If you are looking for a finished hunting Spaniel, nothing will make you more proud than seeing your dog produce a bird with a strong flush and sit to wing and shot or watching a dog handle (performs a blind retrieve) on water and land. Spaniels that complete the Advanced Spaniel Training program are truly finished upland bird dogs and ready to run AKC Master Hunter Upland (MH) Tests.

Yard Work

  • Advanced Quartering Work
  • Double T
  • Swim By
  • Disciplined Casting
  • Wagon Wheel Drills
Field Work

  • Steady to Wing and Shot
  • Cheating Singles
  • Pattern Blinds
  • Pattern Blinds with Diversions
  • Channel Blinds on Water
  • Cold Blinds


In order to ensure that every dog receives individual attention and sufficient training to reach the clients’ desired level of performance, we limit the number of dog we train at one time.

All dogs technical water concepts include working through decoys and from a blind or a boat to simulate hunting conditions come opening day.

After over 18 years of training dogs and working with clients, we feel strongly that in order to be a good trainer you must first learn to be a good handler.  Our training program is designed to promote proper transition back to the client. This involves scheduled visits to our facility during the program for one-on-one instruction. During this time we teach each client how to properly maintain the canine’s level of training before going home.