Labrador Retriever and English Springer Spaniel Puppies – Breeding and Training


We have been breeding, raising, and training Labrador Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels for 25+ years.

Located in the scenic rural setting of Connecticut, Woodland Kennel is dedicated to breeding and producing some of the finest Labrador Retriever and English Springer Spaniel puppies available. We focus on providing families with loving and loyal companions and offering hunting enthusiasts the ideal hunting dog.

At Woodland Kennel, we take great pride in the quality of our breeding program, which is reflected in the exceptional lineage of our sires and dams. Our puppies exhibit outstanding physical attributes, including good looks, excellent temperament, remarkable intelligence, style, and stamina, all indicative of their distinguished pedigrees.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond breeding as we strive to ensure that each puppy receives the best possible care and attention. Our puppies are socialized from an early age, which contributes to their overall health and well-being. Additionally, we provide all of our puppies with AKC papers, a testament to their purebred status.

Whether you are searching for a loyal companion for your family or a skilled hunting dog, we are confident that you will find our Labradors and English Springer Spaniels a perfect fit. We look forward to sharing our passion for these incredible breeds and helping you find the perfect puppy to add to your family.


Team of Experts

Co-Owner and Head Trainer

Geoffrey A. English

Co-Owner and Obedience Trainer

Dana English

Kennel Manager and Hunting Dog Trainer

Geoff English