Dog Training in Connecticut

We recommend that all dog owners commit to and follow through with a structured obedience training program with their dogs. We believe that the time spent on such a program will set the stage for the years to come. We offer both Obedience Training and Hunting Dog Training for all levels of dogs.  Woodland Kennel is committed to providing the highest quality professional dog training available.

Obedience Dog Training

Our basic dog obedience training program includes teaching your dog the standard commands (Here, Sit/Stay, and Heel). We utilize “Place Boards” and “Marker Training” during the initial phase of work with your dog. Both these concepts become the foundation for advanced-level training and offer you an invaluable tool to transition your dog back to the home setting and maintain his/her skills.  (Click here for more information)

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Hunting Dog Training

Hunting Dog Training

We believe the success of any hunting dog training program begins with proper breeding and continues throughout the dog’s life. We work closely with our clients at every stage to ensure setting the proper environment for their new family member and lifelong gun dog companion. (Click here for more information)