Dog Obedience Training in Connecticut

Why Do Dogs Need Obedience Training? 

Dog Obedience Training is one of the best things you can provide for your dog and for your family.  Dog Obedience Training opens up a line of communication between you and your dog and can offer the foundation for solving just about any dog-related issue, jumping on visitors, running out the door, chewing on furniture, play biting, barking excessively, misbehaving in the house, etc.  Dogs are social animals and without a structured training program, they will revert back to acting and playing in their natural instinctive ways.  So, instilling an Obedience Training program will establish an acceptable social hierarchy that is clear to your dog.  Your dog will quickly learn that when he obeys a simple command such as come, here, sit, etc. he earns the respect and acceptance from you, the new leader of the pack, through positive reinforcement.   Obedience Training should be rewarding, fun, and exciting to your dog.  And best of all, it should make living together under one roof manageable and enjoyable.

Basic Dog Obedience Training

Our basic dog obedience training program includes teaching your dog the standard commands (Here, Sit/Stay, and Heel). We utilize “Place Boards” and “Marker Training” during the initial phase of work with your dog. Both these concepts become the foundation for advanced-level training and offer you an invaluable tool to transition your dog back to the home setting and maintain his/her skills. (Click here to sign up)

Advanced Dog Obedience Training

Our advanced-level dog training program is a natural extension of our basic training program. During the advanced obedience training program we transition your dog to an off-leash application. When completing this program your dog will now be able to reliably obey the commands s/he learned during our basic obedience training program while on or off a leash – “Sit/Stay”, “Heel” and of course “Here”. (Click here to sign up)

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