Hunting Dog Training in Connecticut

Pointing Dog Training

We believe the success of any hunting dog training program begins with proper breeding and continues throughout the dog’s life. We work closely with our clients at every stage to ensure setting the proper environment for their new family member and lifelong gun dog companion.

We recognize that many clients are interested in taking an active role in hunting dog training but do not have the facilities and/or time to produce the level of performance desired. To accommodate all of our clients, we offer two proven professional gun dog training programs:


Dog Obedience Training

In our obedience program, your hunting dog will be taught the basic obedience commands such as “sit”, “here”, “heel”, and “kennel”.  The focus of this program is to create a fundamentally sound obedient hunting dog that will be a safe companion at home and in the field while on or off leash.  Every dog must complete the obedience phase prior to beginning more advanced hunting dog training.

Hunting Dog Training

We base our hunting dog training program around the requirements for AKC and UKC Hunt Tests.  Over the years, the AKC and UKC have developed tests that directly assess a dog’s skill in the field.  While the actual tests themselves are not a requirement to have a great hunting dog, we do feel the test accurately measures performance standards you should expect from a professional hunting dog trainer.  We offer a Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Level training program for both Retrievers and Spaniels.

  1. Retriever Training
  2. Spaniel Training
  3. Pointing Dog Training


Often, clients come into our facility and attend one-on-one gun dog training classes. We will become your coach, critic, guide, and teacher. This program is designed to teach the owner how to train and handle their gundog in and out of the field.

Cost: $125 / session plus the cost of birds.