Flushing Dog Tips – First Season

Video #1 – How to Recall Your Dog on a Missed Bird

Video #2 – How to Use an Electronic Collar to Recalling Your Dog on a Missed Bird

Video #3 – Should I Let Them Chase the Bird?

Video #4 – Don’t Disturb Them When They Are on Game

Video #5 – How to Keep Your Dog in Gun Range

Video #6 – What If My Dog Didn’t See the Bird Fall?

Video #7 – How to Maintain Proper Delivery to Hand

Video #8 – Creating a Routine When Hunting with Your Dog

Video #9 – Verbal and Whistle Commands

Video #10 – When to Use Commands

Video #11 – The Importance of Staying Calm

Video #12 – How to Use the Win to Find More Birds

Video #13 – What to Do After You Shoot Your Birds