Molly Pedigree

Pedigree For Molly

Sex : Female

Breed : English Springer Spaniel

Owner : Geoffrey A. English


Molly is an athletic, traditionally built, good-looking 38-pound liver and white English Springer Spaniel bitch with an excellent temperament and a strong desire to please. Dixie’s pedigree is filled with National Field Champions from the UK and America.

Great Great Grandparents
Great Grandparents
Sire:FTCH Clarburgh Art
Grandparents Sire:FC AFC CFC Woodstorm Snow Viper
Dam:FTCH Whitehope Vino
Parents Sire:AFC Harvest Moon’s Trakker
Sire:FC AFC Doorcreek Jake
Dam:2011 NFC AFC Harvest Moon’s Cinnamon
Dam:2004 NAFC FC Sand Creek’s Annie’s Abbey
Sire:FC AFC Warrener’s Sora Rail of
Craney Hill
Sire:FTCH Kenine Robb of Rytex
Sire:FC CFC Clarburgh Eclipse of Ladecourt
Dam:1994 UK National Winner Sunnybrae Siskin
Dam:Warrener’s Downey Woodpecker
Sire:FTCH Clarburgh Art
Dam:FC AFC Rosebay Clover
Dam:FTCH Craighaar Holly
Sire:FTCH Cheweky Wolf
Sire:AFC Buccleuch Dusty of Ardyle
Dam:2005 and 2007 British National and 2007 Irish National FTCH Annickview Breeze
Sire:AFC Dunnegan’s Zipper SH
Sire:FTCH Edwardiana Rob
Dam:AFC Edwardiana Happy MH
Dam:FTCH Edwardiana Gypsy
Dam:Drake’s Hill Ann, SH
Sire:FC NAFC Orions Arch Rival
Sire:AFC Burcliff’s Hobo MH
Dam:Dutchess Casey Lawson
Dam:Burcliff’s Goodness Gracious MH
Sire:AFC Tridon Spontaneus Combustion SH
Dam:Burcliff’s Highlander Bessie MH
Dam:AFC Bumper MC Quick SH