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[private_New puppy week 1]Week 1:

Video – Picking a Name for Your Puppy

Video – Puppy Proofing Your Home

Video – How to Properly Pick Up Your Puppy

Video – Feeding Your Pup – Frequency- Signs of Over Feeding- Food and Water Management

Video – How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Puppy

Video – Puppy Crying – Sleeping Through the Night

Video – Bringing Home Littermates (2 Pups)

Video – Introducing Your Dog to Other Pets

Article  – Crate Training

Video – Housebreaking – Week 1

Video – Choosing a Vet

[/private_New puppy week 1]

[private_New puppy week 2]Week 2:

Video – Teaching Your Puppy His Name

Video – Housebreaking – Week 2

Video – Teaching the “NO” Command

Video – Socializing Your Puppy to Other People

Video – Play Biting

[/private_New puppy week 2]

[private_New puppy week 3]Week 3:

Video – Teaching the SIT Command

Video – Housebreaking – Week 3

Video – Introduction to the Dog Park

Video – Trimming Your Pup’s Nails

Video – Cleaning Your Pup’s Ears

[/private_New puppy week 3]

[private_New puppy week 4]Week 4:

Video – Housebreaking – Week 4

Video – Review the SIT Command

[/private_New puppy week 4]

[private_New puppy week 5]Week 5:

Video – Housebreaking – Week 5

Video – Introduction to Water

[/private_New puppy week 5]

[private_New puppy Other Topics]Other Topics:

Going on Vacation- How to Schedule Boarding

[/private_New puppy Other Topics]