NFC CNAFTch FC AFC CAFTch Crosswinds Comic Relief – Riot

Certified Pedigree For Riot
Sex : Male
Breed : English Springer Spaniel
Description: Riot is a handsome white and live male English Springer Spaniel with an incredible record in Field Trials.  In addition to earning both his Field Champion (FC) and Amateur Field Championship (AFC), Riot won the 2018 US National Open Field Trial Championship and the 2019 Canadian National Amateur Field Trial Championship.  Putting him in a very elite group of dogs to ever do so.

He was part of one of the strongest litters Crosswinds Kennel ever produced. His sire is FC/AFC Heir to Camelot (Pilot), and his dam is AFC/CFC Crosswinds Ruffian. Pilot is from now deceased FC/AFC/CFC Crosswinds Jake Bentley X now deceased FC/AFC/CFC Highlanders Lady Guenivere. Ruffi is by now deceased FC/AFC Crosswinds King Kong X FC/AFC Baskwoods Dolly Madison.

His legs are straight, his eyes and hips are good. He can run as hard as any spaniel in the field, he is completely biddable, and at the same time, is marvelous in the house.

Great Great Grandparents
Great Grandparents
Sire:1987 NFC Pondviews Left in the Light
Grandparents Sire:FC AFC Crosswinds King Kong
Dam:R-Quests Pecos Pete
Parents Sire:FC AFC CFC Crosswinds Jake
Sire:Robert’s Bach
Dam:FC Amelda of Green Island
Dam:Lemoors Pennyblack
Sire:FC AFC Crosswinds Heir To
Sire:FC CFC Eagleview Winchester
Sire:AFC Tridon Spontaneus
Dam:FC AFC CFC Tridon Orion Ms
American Pie
Dam:FC AFC CFC Highlanders Lady
Sire:Refined Black Gold
Dam:AFC Bumper McQuick
Dam:Lil Breezy Point’s Speedy
Sire:FC AFC Bluff Creek’s Shadow
Sire:1987 NFC Pondviews Left in the
Dam:FC AFC Dungarvan’s Right On
Sire:FC AFC Crosswinds King Kong
Sire:Shoreline’s MacMillian
Dam:R-Quests Pecos Pete
Dam:Lady Spirit Nest
Dam:AFC CFC Crosswinds Ruffian
Sire:FC AFC Redcoats Request
Sire:1998 NAFC FC Redcoats Reply
Dam:AFC Ru-chars Shannon
Dam:FC AFC Baskwoods Dolly Madison
Sire:1992 NFC FC Denalisunflos Ring
Dam:Autumn’s Springmeadow Ringlet
Dam:Misty Autumn Joy